CEFC supports energy efficiency in buildings

CEFC sponsors of the Best Sustainable Development – Existing Build at the 2017 PCA Innovation and Excellence Awards


Building a solar and storage future

Timelapse photography captured construction of the innovative DeGrussa solar and storage project in remote Western Australia.


Practical tips for energy efficiency

Energy efficiency can help a wide range of businesses improve productivity and lower their energy and operating costs


Backing business growth with clean energy

Regional businesses are investing to grow and thrive with CEFC and Commonwealth Bank Energy Efficient Loans.


Solar savings for Radevski Coolstores

Goulburn Valley fruit supplier Radveski Coolstores is using state-of-the art technology financed with an Energy Efficient Loan to grow productivity and cut energy costs.


Solar keeps it fresh for Nufruit

Fresh fruit supplier Nufruit is reaping energy savings with solar financed through an Energy Efficient Loan to meet over 10 per cent of its energy needs.


Energy saving equipment boosts Labelmakers

Victorian manufacturer Labelmakers is compressing energy costs and improving efficiency with new presses financed under a CEFC and Commonwealth Bank Energy Efficient Loan.


Bankstown Sports Club investing for a smart energy future

Bankstown Sports Club is investing for a smart energy future.


Riding the clean energy wave

CEFC's co-finance for Carnegie Wave Energy helps harness Australia's wave energy resources and create an industry of the future with global potential.


Energising our food industry

Darling Downs Fresh Eggs' innovative waste-to-energy project co-financed by CEFC is a first for Australia and paves the way for other egg producers to save on their energy costs.


Using the sun to revolutionise agriculture

Sundrop Farms’ world-leading solar thermal technology provides cooling for greenhouses and desalinated water, generating sustainable and profitable food production.