Corporate plan

CEFC Corporate Plan 2016-17

The CEFC's purpose is to overcome financing barriers to facilitate increased flows of finance into Australia's clean energy sector and in turn to achieve emissions reductions. The Corporate Plan provides details of how the CEFC will deliver on this purpose.

In accordance with the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013,  (the PGPA Act), the CEFC Corporate Plan 2016-17 was published on 31 August 2016.

To help address the emissions challenge, the CEFC's strategic priorities are the delivery of investment across three areas of economic activity where clean energy investment can cut carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency and lower operating costs. These strategic priority areas are:

1. Cleaner power solutions, including wind, large and small-scale solar, grid and storage, waste, bioenergy and agriculture.

2. A better built environment, including infrastructure and transport; property, manufacturing and industry; governments and not for profits, including universities and social housing.

3. In addition, the CEFC identifies new sources of capital, with the development of structured investments and new capital products such as climate bonds, equity funds and working with co-financiers to increase investment in clean energy projects, including the establishment and operation of the Clean energy Innovation Fund. 

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