Where we invest

New sources of capital

The CEFC focuses on identifying and developing new sources of capital to support investment in projects that help reduce Australia's emissions, improve energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

This includes the development of structured investments and new capital products such as climate bonds, equity funds and working with co-financiers to increase investment in clean energy projects, including the establishment and operation of the Clean Energy Innovation Fund.


We have developed a range of programs with co-financiers which are particularly targeted to the clean energy needs of small businesses, manufacturers and the agricultural sector, as well as small-scale commercial property.  These include:

  • $300m toward the  NAB Energy Efficient Bonus Program
  • $200m toward the Westpac Energy Efficient Financing Program
  • $100m toward the Commonwealth Bank Energy Efficient Equipment Finance Program
  • $50m toward vehicle and solar asset finance with Firstmac
  • $50m toward fleet vehicle finance with Eclipx

Clean Energy Innovation Fund

The Clean Energy Innovation Fund is a unique program that can provide debt and/or equity finance to support the growth of innovative clean energy technologies and businesses, which are critical to Australia's clean energy transformation. Learn more

'Green' investors

The CEFC plays an important role in encouraging private sector finance into renewable energy projects - closing a funding gap and also creating new opportunities for investors wishing to increase their exposure to clean energy or 'green' projects, including institutional investors and superannuation funds. Our commitments include:

  • Up to $100 million equity finance to Palisade Investment Partners for a $1 billion investment strategy to accelerate the development of commercially viable renewables
  • $75 million cornerstone commitment to the Palisade Renewable Energy Fund (PREF) which is looking to inject as much as $500 million in new investment into the renewable energy sector
  • 2 X $20 million investments in two $50 million "green" tranches issued by Flexigroup Limited, linked to solar PV and renewable energy assets
  • Up to $75 million for a Climate Bond issuance by National Australia Bank in December 2014 to finance a portfolio of renewable energy assets and facilities across Australia
  • $90 million cornerstone investment in the $500 million Westpac Climate Bond financing a portfolio including low carbon commercial buildings
  • $100 million cornerstone investment in the $650 million Commonwealth Bank Climate Bond financing renewable energy, energy efficient buildings and low-carbon transport projects.