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CEFC and ANZ $150 million program helps businesses cut energy costs through innovation

The $150 million ANZ Energy Efficient Asset Finance program offers ANZ business customers the opportunity to cut their energy costs through innovation.

The program makes it easier for businesses to invest in energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies that will help reduce their energy and fuel costs.

Through the program, eligible assets are financed at a 0.7 per cent p.a. discount to the standard asset finance rate.

Eligible technologies include

  • Electric and other low carbon vehicles including farm equipment that meets energy-efficiency thresholds
  • Energy-efficient refrigeration, heating and cooling equipment, variable speed drives, lighting and irrigation equipment
  • Solar (rooftop and ground mounted)
  • Batteries that are charged by renewables or waste-to-energy technologies
  • Process equipment upgrades where new equipment meets an energy-efficiency threshold

The finance is available for up to 100 per cent of the cost for projects up to $5 million.

The program is part of ANZ's broader commitment to facilitate investment of at least $10 billion by 2020 to support its customers to transition to a low carbon economy. Learn more about   ANZ Energy Efficient Asset Finance