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Omni Tanker Holdings expands innovative carbon fibre tank business to meet international demand

Omni Tanker
New South Wales
Innovation Fund
Energy efficiency

Award-winning Australian manufacturer Omni Tanker Holdings, which produces innovative carbon fibre tank containers, is expanding its business to meet international shipping demand.

Omni Tanker is drawing on a $4 million equity investment from the Clean Energy Innovation Fund to commercialise its technology in the bulk liquid transport equipment market. The Omni road tanker and the OmniTAINER®, a portable tank container (ISO tank), are designed for intermodal applications.

Omni Tanker’s ISO standard carbon fibre tank containers are six times the strength of steel tankers, and more than 35 per cent lighter. They can transport a wide range of corrosive liquids and high purity chemicals.

The combination of light weight and exceptional chemical resistance of Omni Tanker’s carbon fibre tanks means transporting them requires less energy and produces lower emissions. Additionally, while traditional rubber lined stainless steel tanks are dedicated to one product and generally carry goods in only one direction, the chemical resistance and easy washout of the OmniTANK’s patented seamless thermoplastic interior means they can be two-way loaded, reducing asset down time and empty running, increasing the efficiency and capacity of transportation routes.

The ISO tank container market, which already boasts a global fleet of more than 550,000 tank containers, is growing by more than eight per cent a year. Most tank containers are either stainless steel or carbon steel.

Omni Tanker’s core business is based on a patented technology invented by the late William (Bill) Rodgers. The technology is used to construct a seamless thermoplastic corrosion barrier with an extraordinary interface strength to a carbon fibre composite tank structure. Under CEO Daniel Rodgers, Omni Tanker has developed a dominant market position for aggressive corrosive chemical tank haulage within Australia. With approvals now granted for its tanks to transport dangerous goods in the USA and Europe, the OmniTAINER is being exported globally.

Omni Tanker is also undertaking research and development on a variety of other tank transport applications and other industry opportunities from its platform technology.

The investment from the Clean Energy Innovation Fund is part of broader $7.9 million capital raising by Omni Tanker, which will substantially expand its NSW manufacturing plant and specialist workforce to increase production capacity.

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