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Warada joint venture creates integrated developer and fund manager

Renewable energy
Energy efficiency

Warada Capital is a new, integrated development and fund management company created as a specialist joint venture between the CEFC and Ironstone Capital.   

Drawing on the established experience and networks of its two founders, Warada is focusing on investments in early stage greenfield projects across a range of renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities – recognising that such projects can struggle to raise essential early-stage risk capital.

Warada will also invest in operating brownfield assets where there is a capacity to improve returns and sustainability through technology enhancements.  

Warada is an indigenous word for Waratah, an iconic Australian flower known for its adaptability. The CEFC, which is acquiring a 50 per cent equity stake in Warada, is committing up to $100 million for potential investment in projects identified by the new entity. Ironstone is a leading adviser in the renewable energy sector.

This CEFC investment approach is key to developing institutionally-focused clean energy investment opportunities across broad areas of economic activity, beyond the important area of renewable energy.  The CEFC investment in Warada will give the investment community access to a strong pipeline of clean energy investment opportunities, particularly those with an appropriate balance between investment returns, innovation and decarbonisation. 

As an experienced equity investor, the CEFC will also help project proponents overcome early-stage capital constraints and positively shape emissions outcomes.

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