Where we invest


The CEFC invests in industry sectors with the strongest potential to reduce Australia's carbon emissions - these are our 'decarbonisation pathways'. Our investments are targeted toward:

  1. Projects to support low carbon electricity, through the increased deployment of renewable energy technologies and energy storage
  2. Increased use of technologies to deliver ambitious energy efficiency, particularly in the electricity generation, transport, property, infrastructure, manufacturing and agribusiness sectors.
  3. Accelerated electrification and fuel switching, especially in the transport sector, to support the transition from fossil fuels to bioenergy and other low emissions fuel sources.



Our financing structures support increased private sector investment in clean energy. We invest through: 

  • Project finance: for larger projects, or smaller projects with specific features that may require individual financing solutions
  • Equity finance: equity investments in the development of structured investments and new capital products such as climate bonds and equity funds
  • Corporate loans: for corporates with one or more eligible project, of varying sizes
  • Aggregation funding: working with co-financiers to bring CEFC asset finance to a large number of individual projects, such as small businesses, manufacturers and agribusiness

We invest in businesses and projects which develop and commercialise clean energy technologies, or are involved in the clean energy supply chain.  We focus on projects and technologies at both the early and later stages of development, and investments through debt, equity or a combination of both.