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Investment policies

We invest responsibly and manage risk prudently, using a commercially rigorous approach to investment activities and risk management practices. Our investment policies cover:

  • Our investment strategy
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Our approach to managing risk 

These Investment Policies are formulated under Section 68 of the CEFC Act. This version of the policy document became effective on 19 February 2019, when it was approved by the Board.

Download the Investment Policies

Risk management

The CEFC Risk Management Framework focuses on six pillars of risk management activity:

  1. Governance
  2. Strategy
  3. Risk Analysis
  4. Culture and Conduct
  5. Controls
  6. Assurance

Through good governance we create an operating environment which facilitates sound, transparent and well-informed decision making. As a responsible investor of public funds, the CEFC is ever conscious that return does not come without risk and the levels of investment return and/or public policy outcomes should be commensurate with assumed risk. An investment strategy that is too risk-averse would not allow the CEFC to fulfil its statutory objective and public policy purpose. On the other hand, an approach which is too tolerant of investment risk could lead to higher than acceptable capital losses.