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The CEFC is providing tailored long-term finance for energy efficient community developments, to deliver the benefits of clean energy to owners and tenants, as well as tackle household emissions.  Our finance is supporting the construction of new market-leading energy efficient community housing, as well as energy efficiency retrofits to existing homes. Clean energy solutions can include rooftop solar, battery installations, heat pumps, additional insulation, double glazing, smart meters, LED lighting and energy efficient white goods.

Best-practice energy performance initiatives give property owners and managers the opportunity to unlock substantial energy savings, reduce emissions and potentially improve liveability for tenants. For owners of existing properties and developers of new ones, the CEFC’s  Energy in Buildings 50 Best Practice Initiatives guide brings together information about a raft of technology opportunities that can have ongoing benefits for housing across Australia.

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CEFC Community Housing Program

Our specialist Community Housing Program includes a range of tailored features to support community housing providers invest in energy efficient and renewable energy solutions, to benefit tenants now and over the long term. 


Energy efficient new dwellings


Tenancy sustainability initiatives


Flexible structure and product


Fixed rate finance options


Tenor options to suit projects

Designed and built to higher energy efficient standards, benefitting tenants by reducing their energy bills and lowering the carbon footprint of the properties Finance for sustainability initiatives for tenants across new and existing dwellings  Provision of senior debt, sub debt and equity, developed to suit the needs of community housing providers for new and future projects  We can offer fixed rate debt finance, as well as equity investments Longer-dated senior debt of up to 10 years, compared to typical tenors of 3-5 years, recognising the unique financing models of community housing providers