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Manufacturing is vital to the Australian economy, contributing around $100 billion to gross domestic product each year, and supporting nearly 900,000 jobs. CEFC research has identified a range of practical and proven strategies to deliver energy and cost savings across manufacturing operations. We finance clean energy equipment upgrades and renewable energy installations in the manufacturing sector through our tailored asset finance programs.

From food processors to building materials producers, Australia’s manufacturers have a wide range of energy needs that can be addressed through upgrading with more energy efficient equipment and switching to cleaner, lower cost sources of electricity.   The benefits of energy efficiency can go well beyond energy and emissions savings, through reduced maintenance costs, improved equipment life expectancy, reduced water consumption and improved site conditions.

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Investing in manufacturing

Image of Laser focus on energy

Laser focus on energy

Family-owned Victorian business Bertazzo Engineered has increased its business and become more energy efficient through the purchase of two laser cutters. Bertazzo’s innovative engineering solutions include component manufacturing, architectural metalwork, robotic welding, laser cutting and panel bending.

Image of Carry on trucking

Carry on trucking

Victoria-based manufacturer SEA Electric converts medium-duty trucks and commercial vans into electric vehicles, integrating its drive train systems into a basic chassis and framework including the cab, fitted with the battery pack and electric motor.