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Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund

The Clean Energy Innovation Fund is a unique $200 million program supporting the growth of innovative clean energy technologies and businesses which are critical to Australia's clean energy transformation.

The Innovation Fund targets technologies and businesses that have passed beyond the research and development stage, but are not yet established or of sufficient maturity, size or otherwise commercially ready to attract sufficient private sector capital. These activities can benefit from growth or early stage capital to help them get to the next stage of their development.

The Innovation Fund can provide debt and/or equity finance for innovative clean energy projects and businesses which support renewables, energy efficiency and low emissions technologies. The Innovation Fund does not make grants.

The Innovation Fund is a part of the CEFC and is operated in consultation with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), drawing on the complementary experience and expertise of the two organisations. Final approval is provided by the CEFC Board, which is responsible for all investment commitments made under the  CEFC Act.

Our investments

Clean Energy Innovation Fund investments include:






August 2017: committed $5 million to Victoria-based manufacturer  SEA Electric to ramp up its conversion of medium-duty trucks and commercial vans to electric vehicles. The technology can be applied to businesses performing express freight, general delivery, and waste collection duties around Australia.





August 2017: committed $10 million to Thinxtra's $20 million Series B Capital raising to help it build essential support technology for devices collectively known as the Internet of Things (IoT).





July 2017: committed $2 million to  Wattwatchers to help it expanding production of technology that helps better manage energy use and costs. The commitment was part of a $4 million Series A capital raising.





January 2017: committed $5 million to GreenSync, an innovative Melbourne-based company aiming to bring smart technology solutions to the energy grid of the future, as part of an $11.5 million Series B capital raising.





December 2016: committed $10 million to the $50 million capital raising of Carbon Revolution, a Geelong-based company that produces one-piece carbon fibre car wheels that, through their light weight, help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions from lighter vehicles.






September 2016: made a $10 million cornerstone commitment to the $20 million Clean Energy Seed Fund, which focuses on unearthing and financing emerging innovations and startups in clean energy. The Seed Fund is managed by Artesian Venture Partners.

Creating investment opportunities

The Innovation Fund targets a diversified portfolio of Australian-based clean energy investments with a long term commercial outlook. As part of the Innovation Fund's activities, the CEFC also provides opportunities for private and institutional financiers to also support innovative clean energy investments through co-investment opportunities. Eligible investments span renewable energy, energy efficiency and low emissions technologies.  Click here for more information on eligible technologies.

How to secure finance

The Innovation Fund considers clearly documented applications for investment in new and innovative opportunities that are commercially viable and where there is a demonstrable pathway to the return of capital. The Innovation Fund does not provide grants. In order to help us evaluate your proposal, please give consideration to the following matters that would ordinarily be expected from applicants, where available:

  • A business case, including a developed financial model, market and customer validation, and commercially viable returns;
  • An outline of the intended use of funds and a reasonable assessment of future funding that will be required;
  • A team with a track record of delivery and supporting references;
  • Independent technology or engineering validation, if available;
  • Details of who else has debt or equity in the venture and the funds expected from the CEFC (we generally prefer to remain below a 30% stake in any business);
  • An outline of the risks facing the venture and how they will be mitigated;
  • Exit strategy; and
  • Environmental benefits.

If your proposal is for a debt facility, please include details of your current and future cash flows, ability to pay back debt, and any security that can be offered.

Please email your proposal to: innovation@cefc.com.au

If you are a startup or pre-revenue technology company, you may wish to consider applying to Australia's many accelerator programs, which can provide mentoring, networks and seed capital opportunities to new innovative companies.