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Sustainable Cities

The CEFC invests in a broad range of clean energy opportunities to accelerate the clean energy transition of Australia’s 50 largest cities

– delivering productivity, accessibility and liveability benefits through the Sustainable Cities Investment Program.

CEFC finance is being used across the urban environment to deliver clean energy benefits to commercial, industrial and residential property. We invest in low emissions transport and cleaner infrastructure, as well as manufacturing, educational and community assets.

Eligible projects range from precinct-scale renewable energy developments, to next-generation transport management systems, green buildings and energy efficient new and retrofitted affordable housing. The investments are intended to drive new enterprise and economic growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to more resilient and liveable cities, where the majority of Australians live.

Clean energy and our cities


Delivering low cost low emissions electricity by backing renewable energy projects, energy storage and demand management solutions.


Mode switching from road to rail, electrification of urban transport, charging infrastructure and finance for fleet and residential electric vehicles.


Working with asset owners and operators to significantly lower their emissions, whether by improving existing assets or investing in new energy efficient technologies and operating models.


From food processors to building materials producers, Australia’s manufacturers have a wide range of energy needs that can be addressed by upgrading to more energy efficient equipment and switching to cleaner, lower cost energy.


Cutting emissions across social and affordable housing, build-to-rent and masterplanned communities, seniors living and student accommodation. 


Effective waste management delivers positive renewable energy outcomes, diverts waste from landfill and creates usable by-products such as compost. 

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