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As a specialist investor, the CEFC is aware that expert information on clean energy trends and market developments is valued by the broader market in considering large and long term investments.

We actively share our market and investment experience, including through submissions to parliamentary bodies.


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CEFC submission on the National Energy Guarantee draft design

This submission responds to the Energy Security Board’s draft design consultation paper on the National Energy Guarantee.

Mar 2018
CEFC submission to the AEMO Integrated System Plan consultation

This submission responds to the Australian Energy Market Operator’s consultation paper on an Integrated System Plan for the National Electricity Market.

Mar 2018
CEFC submission to the CEFC Statutory Review

The CEFC is pleased to share our submission to the CEFC Statutory Review, which is considering the effectiveness of the Corporation in facilitating increased flows of finance into the clean energy sector.

Feb 2018
CEFC submission to the Australian Government review of climate change policies

This submission discusses opportunities and barriers for investment in clean energy and emissions reduction projects that the CEFC has identified as an investor alongside the private sector.

May 2017
CEFC submission to the inquiry into modernising Australia’s electricity grid

Submission to the House of Representatives standing committee on the environment and energy inquiry into modernising Australia’s electricity grid.

Apr 2017
Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market

The CEFC was established to facilitate increased flows of finance into the clean energy sector. We support the development of a resilient, balanced and secure electricity system through our investment activities, which include large-scale renewable energy, energy storage and other initiatives. Our submission draws on our experience as a specialist clean energy investor to frame out a number of areas that would benefit from reform, including: market design to support security and reliability; technology to transform the electricity sector; and barriers to investment.

Mar 2017
Benefits of transmission upgrades in a transforming electricity sector

A report commissioned by the CEFC has identified the need to develop a second interconnection across Bass Strait by 2025, to meet the future energy needs of Tasmania and Victoria. The report, prepared by consultants Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd, found that, in all studies examined, energy import/export capacity from Tasmania will need to be doubled by 2025 to meet the energy needs of the National Electricity Market.

Dec 2016
$250m Community Housing Program providing long-term finance for energy-efficient housing

The CEFC looks forward to working with the Federal Government’s Affordable Housing Working Group to boost the supply of energy-efficient housing across Australia.

Mar 2016
Unlocking the potential of bioenergy through CEFC’s $100m commitment to Australian Bioenergy Fund

In our contribution to the Victorian Government’s Review of its Sustainability Fund Priority Statement, we demonstrate the benefits of investment in bioenergy and energy from waste projects across Victoria.

Dec 2015
Policy uncertainty in the Renewable Energy Target will impact on the price and availability of renewable energy finance

Drawing on our experience of facilitating finance into the renewable energy sector, we offer a unique perspective to the RET Review Panel about the importance of policy certainty for the energy sector’s growth potential.

May 2014
Untapped opportunities in Northern Australia to boost productivity and increase efficiency

The CEFC has on the ground experience in Northern Australia, working on two significant energy-related projects. We outline to the Joint Select Committee into Northern Australia how we could assist project proponents across a range of industries to promote further development in the region.

Mar 2014
Private sector capital will be essential to fund investment into Australia’s energy infrastructure

In our submission to the Productivity Commission’s review into Public Infrastructure, we demonstrate how we are cost-effectively progressing and leveraging investment into clean energy infrastructure by working with private sector co-financiers.

Feb 2014
The work of the CEFC can complement the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund

In our submission to the Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper, we draw on our functional remit and operational experience. We specifically provide comment on design principles for the Fund, crediting, purchasing and safeguarding emissions reductions, and governance.

Feb 2014
CEFC financing is mobilising private sector investment and closing the financing gap for businesses wanting to boost their energy productivity

Renewable energy, energy efficiency and low emissions will be essential to secure Australia’s energy self-sufficiency. Our contribution to the Australian Government's Energy White Paper Issues Paper outlines our approach to scaling up the Australian clean energy sector across the economy.

Feb 2014
In working with the private sector, the CEFC can help address the emissions challenge and complement the Emissions Reduction Fund

We outline areas of relevance under the Environment and Communications References Committee Inquiry into the Government's Direct Action Plan. A significant abatement opportunity could be lost without the CEFC, which could be a highly effective complementary mechanism supporting the ERF.

Jan 2014
The CEFC is taking a commercial approach to a public policy purpose

Our submission to the Australian Government's Emissions Reduction Fund Terms of Reference builds on our experience of financing Australian based emissions abatement over the past three years, taking a commercial approach to a public policy purpose.

Jan 2014