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Our Executives

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Ian Learmonth

Chief Executive Officer

Ian has more than 30 years’ experience as a financier and investor, having worked in Australia, Hong Kong and Europe across clean energy and major infrastructure projects, as well as social impact investments.

Michael Johnston

Chief Risk Officer

Michael has more than 30 years’ experience working in the Australian banking industry for both Australian and international banks, including leading teams in the leveraged and acquisition space.

Sara Leong

Chief Asset Management Officer

Sara has held senior roles in investment banking and funds management, with extensive experience across infrastructure, project finance and asset, portfolio and investment management in Australia and the UK.

Leanne McDonald

Chief People and Culture Officer

As a senior HR practitioner, Leanne has held roles across a diverse range of sectors, covering financial services, energy and resources, consulting, IT and telecommunications, including responsibility for the Asia Pacific region.

Andrew Powell

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew has more than 30 years’ experience working within industry and private practice accounting in Australia and the United States, with experience in financial accounting, mergers and acquisitions, public listings and deal structuring.

Paul McCartney

Chief Clean Futures Officer

Paul has worked in clean energy, commercial property, funds management and IT services, including in mergers and acquisitions, in addition to CFO roles for listed and unlisted companies.

Ludovic Theau

Chief Investment Officerr

Ludo has extensive experience in large transactions in the infrastructure, utilities and public-private-partnerships sectors, including a wide range of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Jay Tolson

General Counsel, Company Secretary

Jay is a highly experienced leader within the financial services industry, having worked across a broad range of complex financing, investment banking and capital markets transactions, including in the energy and infrastructure sectors.