Investing in our clean energy transition

"Some of the CEFC’s most exciting recent investments are helping solve Australia's most intractable energy and emissions challenges." 

CEFC Annual Report 2018-19

Helping cut emissions by investing $10 billion on behalf of the Australian community – in agriculture, cleantech innovation, energy generation and storage, infrastructure, property, transport and waste.

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Targeted lifetime abatement (CO2-e)
Total private capital committed
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Total capital deployed to 30 June 2019

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It’s fantastic to see the CEFC investing in agrifood tech through this commitment to Tenacious Ventures. Kick-starting this industry in Australia will take guts and expertise, and the CEFC brings both.

Mike Cannon-Brookes
Grok Ventures Partner

We are proud to have achieved this world first for the retail property sector and deliver on the objectives of our investors to make meaningful and tangible progress towards enhancing our sustainability performance.

Michael Fattouh
QSCF Fund Manager

Together with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, we aim to present forward-looking solutions to help Australian farmers manage rising energy costs. Clean energy leads to greater efficiencies and productivity, and an overall lower emissions profile for the agribusiness sector.

Tony Mahar
National Farmers' Federation