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Household Energy Upgrades Fund

The CEFC Household Energy Upgrades Fund is a specialist $1 billion fund focused on helping homeowners fast track their transition to cheaper, cleaner energy – while lowering their carbon footprint.

With Australia’s existing 11 million homes driving more than 10 per cent of national emissions, making our homes more sustainable is a big part of how we will get to net zero emissions by 2050. And with the majority of existing Australian homes built before sustainability measures were included in construction standards, many will benefit from measures to reduce their heating, cooling and other energy needs, protecting households from extreme temperatures and fluctuating energy prices.

Through the HEUF, our goal is to provide low-cost finance for best practice energy performance initiatives. We’re working with co-financiers to create tailored and discounted green finance products which are easy for households to access.

Homes and net zero emissions

The CEFC has a strong record in investing in energy efficient, low emissions sustainable housing – from discounted green home loan finance to investments in community housing, build-to-rent and masterplanned communities. We recognise that Australian households can make a substantial contribution to our national net zero emissions goals, as reflected in the National Energy Performance Strategy.

HEUF CEFC finance can be used for a range of eligible technologies which use less energy and produce lower emissions. These eligible technologies are a sample of what can be financed:

  • Battery-ready rooftop solar and home batteries  
  • Energy efficient appliances and household equipment  
  • Heating and cooling measures, including air conditioning and ceiling fans  
  • Double glazed windows and insulation
  • Energy monitoring systems
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

Tailored finance products

Working with co-financiers is a fast and efficient way for CEFC finance to reach individual borrowers, including for HEUF finance. Co-financers allow our finance to reach many more borrowers and investors, by tapping into the established and large customer networks of major banks, specialised lenders and funds. Our programs are structured so that the benefits of the CEFC finance flows directly through to the borrower.

When it comes to HEUF, we’re is working with co-financiers on developing a range of flexible finance options to deliver the discounted loans to households. These may include:

  • Green home loans: To back renovation and retrofits using clean energy technologies to significantly improve energy performance levels determined through credible home energy assessments.
  • Green personal loans: Used for home energy improvements and clean energy technologies.
  • Innovative concessional financial offerings: Products with a focus on unlocking energy savings for borrowers including rental and strata property customers through access to energy efficiency and clean energy technologies. 

Role of the CEFC

As HEUF transactions are confirmed, relevant contact details will be available to connect households directly with the finance provider. This is because the CEFC does not provide discounted loans directly to household consumers, and we do not assess individual applications. This is the role of individual co-financiers, who already have well-established customer networks.

Through the HEUF, the CEFC: 

  • Will provide funding through co-financiers 
  • Recommends that the consumers complete their own due diligence and research to ensure that products suit their needs 
  • Recommends that the consumers consult directly with the HEUF delivery organisation in respect to products and labour 
  • Is not responsible for consumers’ loan applications and will not review or assess applications for finance 
  • Is not responsible for making determinations as to successful consumer loan applicants 
  • Does not encourage, promote or endorse products or associated companies for installation of products 
  • Is not responsible for products or labour selected that are not fit for purpose, do not suit the consumer’s needs or are faulty 
  • Is not responsible for any incidents, accidents or injuries arising from products or labour associated with the installation of products. 
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Our FAQs have essential information about what we can invest in and how we make investment decisions.

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