Where we invest

Renewable energy

We’re a leading investor supporting low carbon electricity – through solar, wind, bioenergy and energy storage solutions.

Built environment

Energy efficiency has enormous benefits for commercial property, community housing, infrastructure and more.

Sustainable economy

Find out how we are financing clean energy solutions in manufacturing, agribusiness and green vehicles.

Financing solutions

Our tailored finance is backing exciting innovative start-ups as well as thousands of small-scale projects.

Flexible finance for your clean energy investment

CEFC direct

CEFC Direct

Our direct investments for small and large scale clean energy projects include flexible debt and equity finance, or a combination of both, tailored to individual projects.

debt markets

Debt markets 

We are a leading investor in Australia's emerging green bonds market, creating new financing options for both clean energy investors and project developers. 

investment funds

Investment funds 

We invest in new and established investment funds to co-deliver clean energy developments in property, agribusiness, infrastructure, transport and more. 

Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund 

We support the growth of innovative clean energy technologies and businesses with both early stage and growth capital to help accelerate their development. 

asset finance

Asset finance 

We work with banks and established co-financiers to make it easier for businesses and consumers to secure discounted finance for their clean energy investments.