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About our finance

The CEFC has a flexible approach to investment, which recognises the needs of our evolving market.

Our financial products and structures help drive private sector investment across a diverse range of activities, helping cut emissions across the Australian economy.

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Read our Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in securing finance from the CEFC? Our handy FAQs have essential information about what we can invest in and how we make investment decisions.

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We offer tailored investment solutions for renewable energy, energy efficiency and low emissions opportunities.

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Direct investments

Our direct investments for small and large scale clean energy projects include flexible debt and equity finance, or a combination of both, tailored to individual projects.

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Debt markets

We are a leading investor in Australia's emerging green bonds market, creating new options for investors, issuers and developers.

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Asset finance

We work with banks and co-financiers to deliver discounted finance to businesses, farmers and manufacturers for their clean energy investments.

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Investment funds

We invest in new and established investment funds to co-deliver clean energy developments in agribusiness, infrastructure, property and more.

Investment Policies and Guidelines

The CEFC Board has developed Investment Policies and Guidelines to explain how we invest.

Risk management

The CEFC monitors and manages strategic, investment, financial, operational and regulatory risks, consistent with section 68 of the CEFC Act.

We have appropriate tolerance for the risks necessary to deliver on our statutory and strategic objectives. We do not accept risks that compromise the integrity of the organisation.

We promote a risk aware culture where:

  • our people are required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the highest professional and ethical standards
  • we consistently consider “should we” do things and not just “can we” do things
  • our incentive and reward systems are structured to encourage behaviour consistent with our risk appetite and do not reward excessive risk taking
  • we empower our people to the full extent of their abilities and hold them accountable for their actions
  • we seek to apply leading practices in identifying, assessing, managing and pricing risk
  • we invest in our risk management capabilities, including implementing cost effective controls.