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Hydrogen production
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Globally recognised Hysata advances green hydrogen tech

Electrolysers poised to transform hydrogen production

Internationally recognised ultra-high efficiency electrolyser systems from Hysata enable the lowest cost green hydrogen production, accelerating its potential use as a clean energy source in hard-to-abate sectors.


CEFC commitment


CEFC hydrogen investment



Our mission at Hysata is to accelerate the deep decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors such as steel, chemical manufacture, and heavy transport, by delivering the world’s most efficient, simple, and reliable electrolysers. With high-efficiency, intrinsically low capex and a mass-manufacturable design, Hysata aims to drive down the levelised cost of hydrogen
Paul Barrett
CEO, Hysata

Our investment

Hysata is developing high-efficiency electrolysers to produce green hydrogen at scale with higher energy efficiency and lower costs than alternative technologies.

Hysata, which operates  an electrolyser manufacturing facility from its global headquarters in Port Kembla, NSW, plans to expand production capacity at the facility and further develop its technology as it focuses on reaching gigawatt scale manufacturing.

The CEFC has committed  more than $25 million to Hysata and the investment is managed on behalf of the CEFC by climate tech specialist fund manager Virescent Ventures.

The CEFC, bp Ventures, Templewater, POSCO Holdings, POSCO E&C, IMM Investment Hong Kong, Shinhan Financial Group Co, Twin Towers Ventures, Oman Investment Authority VC arm IDO, TelstraSuper, Kiko Ventures, IP Group Australia, Vestas Ventures, and Hostplus are among the investors supporting the electrolyser development.

Global recognition for low-carbon solution
Hysata advanced electrolyser technology received global recognition as a low-carbon hydrogen solution, when named an Energy Transition Changemaker at COP28 in Dubai in December 2023. The acknowledgement  followed growing Australian accolades for the breakthrough electrolyser technology, which picked up the title of Startup of the Year in the 2023 Startup Daily Best in Tech Awards.


our impact

The Hysata electrolyser is up to 20 per cent more efficient than incumbent technologies. This high efficiency, coupled with a simple approach to mass manufacturing and low supply chain risk puts the company on a path to delivering the world’s lowest cost green hydrogen.

The electrolyser technology was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Wollongong team led by chemical catalysis and characterisation expert Professor Gerry Swiegers, who has founded six spin-off companies and licensed out three new technologies in the past 15 years.

The technology offers step change improvements in three key areas:

1. New category of electrolysis with world’s highest efficiency

  • 95 per cent system efficiency compared with up to 75 per cent for incumbents
  • Low-cost design, based on earth-abundant materials

2. Simplified balance of plant

  • High cell efficiency eliminates the need for expensive cooling
  • Efficient, low-cost, grid-friendly power electronics
  • Integrated balance of plant and stack design to provide an optimised turnkey system that delivers high purity green hydrogen at lowest levelised cost

3. Ease of manufacturing and scaling

  • Manufacturing is based on simple unit operations which are easy to automate and scale
  • Modular technology means the same basic building block is used for MW to tens of GW installations.

Exciting potential for breakthrough technology

Research published in the top tier peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications in March 2022, confirmed the Hysata capillary-fed electrolysis cell could produce green hydrogen from water at 98 per cent cell energy efficiency, significantly better than existing electrolyser technologies, enabling a hydrogen production cost well below A$2/kg.

The continued growth of Hysata is an important pointer to the enormous potential of hydrogen in the clean energy transition.

Australia’s national hydrogen strategy aims to position Australia as a major global player by 2030.

Green hydrogen will be essential to decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors like steel, heavy transport and chemicals, while underpinning the development of an important domestic and export industry.


Hysata continues to make rapid progress and we are pleased to support such an innovative company with an outstanding team. The continued growth of Hysata is an important pointer to the enormous potential of hydrogen to our net zero future.
Blair Pritchard
Partner, Virescent Ventures.


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