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Peer-to-peer green lending first

Plenti Green Loan Marketplace brings borrowers and investors together

Australia's first peer-to-peer green lending platform – the Plenti Green Loan Marketplace – is an innovative online platform that brings together investors, borrowers and clean energy product providers.


Australian peer-to-peer green lending platform


CEFC finance


new green loans every month

We’re excited to be providing investors with exposure to a hard-to-access asset class that delivers attractive, stable returns, whilst supporting the environment. We’re also delighted to have support from CEFC, an important Government organisation, as we look to deliver attractive financing options to our borrowers.
Daniel Fogo
CEO, Plenti

Our investment

The Plenti Green Loan Marketplace was seeded with $20 million from the CEFC in 2017, when Plenti was known as RateSetter. The CEFC increased its commitment to $32 million, which was fully drawn by December 2020. More than 200 retail investors are participating in the Plenti Green Loan Marketplace.


our impact

Loans sourced through the platform are helping finance a wide range of green product purchases by both individuals and businesses. Technologies include solar panels and battery systems, energy efficient lighting, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, emissions-reducing industrial applications, electric and low emission cars and trucks.

In its first year alone, more than 1,000 households and small businesses financed energy efficient and renewable energy products through the platform. Solar financed during that period resulted in abatement of more than 2,250 tCO2-e.

Through the online platform, investors nominate the amount they wish to invest, the interest rate they are prepared to accept, and their request is then matched to approved borrowers. Borrowers can access this finance to invest in eligible clean energy assets.

Last updated December 2020. National, Property, Solar, Energy grid, Housing, Renewable energy, Low emissions, Energy efficiency
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