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Plenti HEUF
Case study

Plenti and CEFC team up with low cost finance to lift household sustainability

Discount loans to cut energy use, carbon footprint

Fintech lender Plenti is helping households cut their energy use, their carbon footprint and their finance costs, offering discounted green loans financed via the CEFC Household Energy Upgrades Fund.

$60 million

CEFC commitment

Up to 3.3%


Fast track to

greener homes

We recognise that navigating the home energy upgrade installation process can be a challenge for many households. That’s why we’re working with co-financiers such as Plenti, who offer support to customers to help them make home energy technology decisions that suit their homes and their budgets.
Grace Tam
Head of Consumer Finance, CEFC

Our investment

Plenti is drawing on $60 million in HEUF finance to offer tailored green finance solutions for households.

Key features

  • Finance for battery-ready solar PV, home batteries and other energy efficiency upgrades are eligible for discounts of up to 2.74 per cent annually.
  • An additional 0.6 per cent discount is available for households participating in the Plenti GreenConnect platform, which includes all-in-one point-of sale energy solutions covering solar and battery systems, energy plans and battery optimisation technology.
  • Plenti estimates that, on a loan balance of $25,000, eligible customers could save up to $3,531 in interest over seven years, compared with the Plenti standard green loan rate.
  • To be eligible for the Plenti discount, people must own (or be purchasing) their own home where the property value does not exceed $2.5 million.
  • Plenti has an extensive network of accredited partners and installers.

The CEFC does not provide discounted consumer loans directly to consumers. Visit the Plenti website for more information.

Consumers want lower energy bills and to reduce their household emissions but have been put off by the high upfront costs. Discounted finance will help households overcome these cost barriers, and help unlock faster uptake of energy efficiency equipment, reducing energy bills and accelerating Australia’s transition to net zero.
Daniel Foggo
Plenti CEO



Sustainable householders for a sustainable future

The CEFC Household Energy Upgrades Fund (HEUF) is a specialist $1 billion fund focused on helping homeowners fast track their transition to cleaner energy and lower their emissions.

Through the HEUF, the CEFC works with co-financiers to create tailored discounted green finance products, which they can make directly available across their customer base.

Energy efficiency upgrades, battery-ready solar PV and home batteries are among eligible technologies.

Why this matters

Australia’s existing 11 million homes are responsible for more than 10 per cent of total emissions and more than 25 per cent of electricity consumption.1

Expert modelling suggests Australian households could save as much as $1,600 per year on the average home energy bill by improving their energy efficiency.  

And improvements to just one million existing Australian homes could reduce home energy use by up to 9,000 kWh per year per home, cutting home emissions by up to 5.8 tonnes per year per home.2

Learn more about the Household Energy Upgrades Fund


1 Climateworks Centre, Defining Zero Carbon Homes For A Climate Resilient Future, April 2023

2 Race for 2030 “Pathways to Scale: Retrofitting one Million+ Homes” December 2021

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