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Relectrify makes energy storage affordable

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Melbourne-based Relectrify develops and supplies advanced energy control solutions that increase battery cycle life and reduce energy storage costs. The ground-breaking Relectrify technology can be used across residential, industrial and grid storage, using either new or second-life batteries. 

Supported by leading energy investors, including the CEFC, Relectrify solutions have attracted interest by global energy storage manufacturers including 4R Energy Japan, power utilities including American Electric Power and Vector NZ, and automotive companies, including VW Group Germany and Nissan US. 

longer battery life
lower cost of electronics
CEFC investment

Breakthrough technology 

Founded in 2015, Relectrify has developed breakthrough technology in battery control, delivering up to 30 per cent increased battery lifetime at 30 per cent lower cost of electronics.  

It does so by using a cell-level battery management system (BMS) to generate a high-efficiency AC output directly from the battery pack, avoiding the need for costly standalone inverters.  

The Relectrify BMS+Inverter solution has been demonstrated in numerous industrial and grid customer installations around the world, including with major US utility American Electric Power and Nissan North America. 

RS1475 Relectrify Board Scr
The interest Relectrify is receiving from customers and partners has greatly exceeded our expectations. We are now working to discuss with, and select, the most promising battery manufacturers, distributors and integrators globally with whom to co-launch products into promising storage applications across different geographies.
Valentin Muenzel
Co-founder and CEO, Relectrify

Commercial and industrial solutions 

Relectrify has also developed a modular 120kWh system made from second-life electric vehicle batteries to provide commercial and industrial energy storage solutionsEach ReVolve 3-phase unit provides grid-compliant 400-480V AC output, with 120kWh capacity and 36kVA continuous power. Units can operate in both grid-connected and off-grid (grid forming) applications.

The Clean Energy Innovation Fund has invested $4.4 million in Relectrify.

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