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Relectrify technology transforms battery storage performance

World-leaders in cell-level battery control

Relectrify has developed breakthrough technology in battery control, delivering up to 30 per cent increased battery lifetime at 30 per cent lower cost of electronics. This technology can be used across residential, industrial and grid storage, using either new or second-life batteries.


CEFC investment

1st certified

cell-level battery energy storage product


longer battery life

The interest Relectrify is receiving from customers and partners has greatly exceeded our expectations. We are now working to discuss with, and select, the most promising battery manufacturers, distributors and integrators globally with whom to co-launch products into promising storage applications across different geographies.
Valentin Muenzel
Co-founder, Relectrify

Our investment

The CEFC has invested $9 million in world-leading Melbourne-based technology company Relectrify to support the continued development of its technologies that are achieving game-changing performance improvements for battery storage systems.

The company is working to scale and apply its transformational CellSwitch technology to the next generation of battery storage systems for international markets. 

Relectrify, which was founded in 2015, develops and supplies advanced energy control solutions that increase battery cycle life and reduce energy storage costs. The CEFC first invested in Relectrify in 2017, increasing its commitment over time to support the company’s continued development. 

Relectrify investors also include At One Ventures, Toyota Ventures, Energy Innovation Capital, GS Future, Creative Ventures and NOAB Ventures. Climate tech specialist fund manager Virescent Ventures manages the investment on behalf of the CEFC.

Relectrify solutions have attracted interest from global storage manufacturers including 4R Energy Japan, power utilities American Electric Power and Vector NZ and automotive companies including VW Group Germany, Nissan US and Toyota Ventures.


our impact

Revolutionising battery storage

The Relectrify team is working on the next generation of products that will fundamentally transform the battery energy storage industry across residential, commercial, industrial and grid applications. 

The proprietary ReVolve battery energy product marked a global first in 2023 when it achieved certification to internationally recognised International Electrotechnical Commission standards. 

The certification independently validates the safety and grid compliant operation of the technology, accelerating the opportunity for the company and its partners to jointly develop new battery systems to bring longer-lived and more cost-effective energy storage solutions to market. 

Revolve combines the Relectrify CellSwitch technology with nine second-life electric vehicle batteries to store over 120kWh of energy for commercial and industrial applications. 

Maximising performance
In conventional battery systems performance and longevity is limited by the weakest cell in a string. Relectrify CellSwitch technology manages each individual cell or series element, maximising energy use in every cell. The ability to switch individual cells eliminates the need for conventional inverters, resulting in a simpler, lower-cost battery system.

The technology can:

  • Extend the operational life of the battery by 20 to 30 per cent
  • Increase system throughput by 20 to 30 per cent
  • Improve safety and reliability by bypassing failed or unsafe cells without compromising the performance of the rest of the system 
  • Avoid outages and downtime.

Gaining international recognition
Relectrify was included in the 2024 Global Cleantech 100, having previously been recognised as the Asia-Pacific’s leading Cleantech Company in the 2022 Global Cleantech 100.

Toyota sees potential benefits 
Toyota Ventures, the technology investment arm of global automotive and manufacturing company Toyota, has described the Relectrify technology as having the potential to unlock significant cost, lifetime, safety and resilience benefits for battery systems, whether they are repurposed EV batteries or new stationary energy storage systems. 

We look forward to supporting the team as they contribute to decarbonisation by reinventing the battery management system and inverter technology.
Lisa Coca
Climate Fund partner, Toyota Ventures.


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Last updated June 2024. National, Climate tech, Energy grid, Investment Funds, Renewable energy
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