CEFC in the media

CEFC in the media

  • How the CEFC Invests in the Property Sector

    29 January 2020

    The CEFC is working with investors to help raise clean energy standards across the built environment. In its January edition, Urban Developer outlines how and why the CEFC is working with the property sector to encourage market-leading emissions solutions.

  • Creating a project finance market for the war on waste

    14 January 2020
    Eight councils in Melbourne’s southeast are composting household organic waste on an industrial scale through the South East Organics Processing Facility. NAB’s Corporate and Institutional Bank Magazine Creating Opportunities details the innovative finance model behind this project in its November 2019 edition.
  • Five minutes with CEFC CEO Ian Learmonth

    17 June 2019
    Investing billions in clean energy projects on behalf of the Australian Government, the CEFC plays a huge role in Australia’s energy sector. Energy Source & Distribution Magazine's June edition discusses the CEFC’s work with CEO Ian Learmonth.
  • The CEFC and Climate Bonds

    08 May 2019
    CEFC Executive Director Richard Lovell discusses Australia’s evolving climate bonds market and the role the CEFC is playing in an article with PV Magazine.
  • Goulburn Valley fruit farmer cuts power costs by $62k a year with solar

    09 April 2019

    A fruit growing family business has harnessed the CEFC-backed Westpac Energy Efficient Financing Program to take control of its energy use. One Step Off The Grid’s Sophie Vorrath outlines how.

  • The energy challenge – information for company directors

    05 February 2019
    Australia’s Company Director magazine takes a big picture view of the energy market, including the role of the CEFC in investing in clean energy technologies, projects and businesses.
  • Climate finance and the financial markets in Australia

    04 February 2019
    The CEFC’s Monique Miller tells the Australian Law Journal how the CEFC and ARENA are working together to unlock clean energy opportunities across our economy.
  • Spotlight on a Green Banker

    20 June 2018
    CEFC's Ben Gust discusses his role in the Clean Energy Innovation Fund.
  • Money does grow on trees

    06 June 2018
    What are the market forces driving renewable energy investment and what are the opportunities? The CEFC was among organisations interviewed for this article in Ecogeneration's June magazine.
  • Green securitisation takes its next step in Australia

    28 May 2018
    The CEFC’s Grace Tam joined a discussion about the next steps in Australia for green securitisation. Read more in this article which was produced for and published in the June 2018 edition of ASJ - the official magazine of the Australian Securitisation Forum.
  • Driving down the clean energy highway

    18 May 2018
    CEFC CEO Ian Learmonth details, in the June edition of Energy Magazine, how the CEFC's investments are helping the Australian economy address the decarbonisation challenge.
  • News Analysis: EFW - Has Australia burned an opportunity?

    20 March 2018
    The CEFC has identified the potential for Energy-From-Waste and is working to unlock sector investment. This analysis by Inframation News discusses the issues and the opportunities.
  • Investors do battle for Australian Renewables

    13 February 2018
    The CEFC is pleased to be working alongside many of the companies identified by Inframation News as leading the way in Australia’s clean energy transition.
  • Finding and funding the green mortgage

    21 November 2017
    The CEFC’s Richard Lovell joined a discussion about the prospects for investable green mortgages at the Australian Securitisation Forum’s annual conference on 21 November 2017. Read more in this special report from KangaNews.
  • Green bank plays reinvention game

    01 August 2017
    CEFC CEO Ian Learmonth discusses CEFC investments with Inframation News, a specialist publication of London digital media group Acuris. Inframation’s global network of more than 40 journalists and analysts provide leading infrastructure finance news, analysis, data and events.
  • 50 Shades of Sustainable Building

    13 June 2017
    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s new report identifies 50 best practice initiatives for sustainable buildings, 16 of which can have payback periods of less than five years. Can one small document drive large-scale change?
  • CEFC finance helps businesses and councils benefit from energy-from-waste technology

    09 May 2017
    From agricultural production waste to landfill sites, Queenslanders have untapped energy sources literally at their disposal. The CEFC, an Australian Government funded financier working to increase investment in clean energy technologies, is helping unlock important opportunities across the economy to harness waste and turn it into energy.
  • EcoGeneration: Large-scale solar funding roundtable: Powered by the sun … and money

    04 April 2017
    The amount of large-scale solar needed to keep Australia on track to meet the Renewable Energy Target is truly vast. But why stop there? A nation with resources like ours would be crazy not to build as much photovoltaic generation as it could afford. Understanding that funding is the key to a clean energy future, EcoGeneration asked four industry experts for their take on the outlook for large-scale solar investment.
  • Reusing waste to produce bioenergy – what rubbish!

    15 March 2017

    Imagine if we could take waste products that would otherwise be thrown out and transform them into energy to power our homes? We can! It's called 'bioenergy'. It has the potential to help decarbonise Australia's energy sector while offering reliable baseload supply - even when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing! Our thanks to the CSIRO for sharing this article.

  • Councils benefit through clean energy transformation

    13 July 2016
    Ageing assets and inefficient energy practices are adding to the cost burden of councils. On the other hand, clean energy investments can transform local government operations and provide ongoing benefits for their communities. CEFC sector lead for Local Government Melanie Madders provides her opinions.
  • On Fast Tracking Melbourne's Sustainability Commitments

    03 December 2015
    The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, tells the Huffington Post how the City of Melbourne is fast tracking its sustainability initiatives through a partnership with the Australian Government and the CEFC.
  • CEFC eyes potential for greening Australian property sector

    01 December 2015
    What does a university have in common with a major car sales business, or an outer-metropolitan office block with a sports club? They all have the potential to substantially transform their energy use – and their operating costs – through the installation of clean energy technology.
  • CEFC helps energy savings grow

    01 October 2015
    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is making it easier for the nursery and garden industry go even greener by taking advantage of energy savings that can be gained through equipment installation and upgrades.
  • Transport part of CEFC focus on investment opportunities

    01 October 2015
    Transport is one of the key areas in which the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is working to unlock key investment opportunities for Australia’s cities of the future.
  • Carpets to customised printers - CEFC finance helps businesses save

    21 September 2015
    For many it’s a lightbulb moment. Businesses across Australia are discovering they can transform their operations by investing in energy efficient technologies.
  • SGCH, CEFC demonstrate potential for energy efficient affordable housing

    01 September 2015
    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation and SGCH are working together to accelerate construction of new energy efficient affordable housing for key low to middle income city workers, demonstrating the potential for sustainable community housing.
  • Clean Energy Finance Corporation staying on course

    21 July 2015
    The Australian Financial Review speaks with CEFC Chair Jillian Broadbent AO
  • Australia's budding Green Bond Market

    30 June 2015
    CEFC CEO Oliver Yates discusses Australia's budding green bond market in this special article for ANZ's online magazine, Blue Notes.
  • Accelerating investment for cleaner energy, buildings and industry

    30 June 2015
    CEFC CEO Oliver Yates discusses how the CEFC invests in energy efficiency, low emissions and renewable energy technologies in this article for Business View Magazine.
  • Councils accelerate energy savings with CEFC finance

    30 May 2015
    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is helping local councils with finance to accelerate energy saving innovations.
  • Solar's sunny future as technology adoption accelerates: CEFC

    30 May 2015
    Solar is positioned to play a significant role in Australia’s energy future, with the rollout of further utility scale projects and the commercial sector’s increasing uptake of solar PV, according to CEFC CEO Oliver Yates.
  • CEFC finance & innovation help hotels keep costs down

    30 October 2014
    In Sydney, one of Australia's largest registered clubs is about to upgrade its air conditioning chiller system and install solar panels to reduce energy costs at two venues in the near future. Both organisations accessed finance through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).
  • Energy saving solutions big and small

    01 October 2014
    CEFC is working with clubs to help them make changes now that will help them save on energy for years to come
  • CEFC and Warrnambool light the savings way with LED

    01 September 2014
    Warrnambool City Council is set to become the first in Australia to use highly efficient LED technology for a bulk changeover of residential street lighting, using finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).
  • CEFC key to finance with retrofits

    01 September 2014
    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is unlocking new commercial property sector finance to re-energise ageing building stock in Australian cities.
  • CEFC finance boosts Australia’s manufacturers

    01 May 2014
    Manufacturers seeking to boost business through increased energy productivity and capacity are tapping into the expertise of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)
  • Clean achievements

    01 April 2014
    Clean Energy Finance Corporation Chair Jillian Broadbent AO discusses the bank’s approach to clean energy investment, its activities to date and the opportunities for the fund under Direct Action.
  • Sustainability Matters: Reaching the stars through CEFC retrofit finance

    14 February 2014
    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has plans to accelerate finance opportunities to help Australia’s built environment reach the stars this year.
  • WME: Why Oliver Yates is Our 'Person of the year'

    05 January 2014
    CEFC CEO Oliver Yates has been named Person of the Year by environment business magazine WME in its December 2013/January 2014 edition.
  • Oliver Yates on the future of financing

    10 July 2013
    Clean Energy Finance Corporation Chief Executive Oliver Yates explains the opportunities available through the Corporation, and the potential challenges awaiting developers.
  • CEFC leader: How our client mix will evolve

    02 July 2013
    A breakdown of who is seeking Clean Energy Finance Corporation support shows the agriculture and waste sectors have been quick to recognise the opportunities, and other parts of industry are likely to rapidly follow suit, says CEFC chief executive officer Oliver Yates.
  • Interview with Clean Energy Finance Corp CEO Oliver Yates

    26 November 2012
    RenewEconomy secured the first interview with new CEFC chief Oliver Yates. He talks about his reasons for taking the job, the challenges he faces, the project pipeline he expects to build, the threat of the Opposition to can the CEFC, and why the financial community will soon see clean energy as a mainstream and low risk investment.