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CEFC climate tech companies lauded in APAC Clean 25


The CEFC congratulates Samsara Eco and Novalith Technologies on receiving recognition for being among the most promising cleantech companies in the Asia Pacific. The Cleantech Group’s APAC Cleantech 25, an annual list of leading private cleantech innovation companies, acknowledges companies with the potential to make a significant impact across the region.

The CEFC has supported low carbon lithium production company Novalith Technologies with a $7.8 million commitment to accelerate the decarbonisaton of the lithium supply chain, and innovative plastic recycling company Samsara Eco with a $9.1 million commitment to revolutionise plastic recycling. Both CEFC investments are managed by specialist fund manager Virescent Ventures.

Cleantech media release:

Cleantech Group Names the 2024 APAC Cleantech 25

18 April 2024

Cleantech Group has just released the APAC Cleantech 25, an annual list of Asia-Pacific (APAC) private sustainable innovation companies that are poised to make a significant impact in the next five to ten years.

To create the list, inputs are collected from the APAC Cleantech 25 expert panel, who are active in technology and innovation scouting and are regularly connecting with innovators in the region. These are combined with additional APAC-relevant inputs from the Global Cleantech 100 process, which benefits from thousands of data points from our tracking of investments, partnerships, and third-party awards. Companies with the strongest patterns of validation across all points receive the highest scores.


A true innovation ecosystem is emerging and growing in Southeast Asia around the cleantech theme. The presence of these 25 companies and the growing momentum in the Asia-Pacific region affirm my belief that it will not be the supply of innovation that limits our ability to address the escalating climate crisis.
Richard Youngman
Cleantech Group CEO


The APAC Cleantech 25 program has been running since 2018. It was supported again this year by ADB Ventures.

No 2023 Drop-off for APAC. While the rest of the world experienced a drop in venture investment in 2023, APAC did not. China remains the dominant source of APAC cleantech innovation, but promising solutions are emerging from all over the region – there’s a noticeable shift to globally-relevant, exportable component technologies.

APAC’s Innovation Companies are Trending Younger. Seed and Series A round investments keep expanding in APAC and with no drop-off at later rounds. More APAC cleantech innovators are launching than before, growing faster than ever, and increasingly aiming for high-quality markets. The world should take note.

The APAC Cleantech 25 companies are located in eight countries, and are delivering sustainable solutions in these six industry groups:

  • Agriculture & Food
  • Energy & Power
  • Materials & Chemicals
  • Resources & Environmental Management
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Waste & Recycling


Last updated April 2024. Media release
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