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The agribusiness sector is an important contributor to Australia's economy but with energy costs on the rise, agribusinesses face challenges in remaining competitive on a global scale. There is significant opportunity for agribusinesses to transform their businesses by maximising energy efficiency and installing renewable energy.

The uptake and implementation of these technologies can reduce on‑farm energy costs, and in some cases, lead to increased yields.

Read our CEFC Investment Insights on how the CEFC, MIRA and the CSIRO are working together to deliver clean energy and energy efficiency benefits to large-scale dryland cropping.

How can agribusinesses benefit?

  • Make cost-effective upgrades to energy-efficient equipment, buildings and production facilities
  • Lower your operating costs and boost productivity
  • Insulate your business from volatile and rising energy prices
  • Save water, reduce fertiliser use, reduce carbon emissions


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Solar powered irrigation pumps

Solar hot water and heat pumps

Rooftop solar systems

Biomass energy-from-waste


Variable speed drives, high efficiency motors and pumps

Farm and process machinery upgrades

Efficient refrigeration

Efficient lighting, heating, insulation, ventilation and air conditioning


Farm equipment and vehicle upgrades

Co-generation and tri-generation systems for processors


Solar savings for Radevski Coolstores
Radevskicoolstores Video

MIRA The CEFC is targeting major clean energy benefits in the Australian agricultural industry with a $100 million investment into the agricultural platform of Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA). As part of the CEFC investment, the CSIRO will contribute expert analysis to enable clean energy learnings to be shared across the farming sector. Learn more
Cow For Agribusiness Page Australian Agriculture Company has installed solar PV at 15 sites across Queensland and reducing its energy grid consumption and associated carbon emissions by around 30 per cent on average.
Chestnuts For Agribusiness Page Apple and chestnut growers, Nightingale Bros Pty Ltd, is upgrading its refrigeration to cut its energy costs by just under 40 per cent with CommBank and CEFC finance



Asset finance for agribusinesses is available through ANZNAB, Westpac, CommBank or Macquarie for energy efficient equipment and renewable energy improvements.  Learn more.

Ratesetter Green Loan lending market offers secured and unsecured personal and small business loans for qualifying energy efficient and low emissions assets. Learn more.

Foresight Group is working with the CEFC to identify and develop opportunities to invest equity in a range of bioenergy and energy from agriculture waste projects in the Australian market. Learn more.

Direct CEFC debt or equity finance is available for eligible projects. Learn more.



View our clean energy for agribusiness factsheet.

Learn more about bioenergy and energy from waste.

Contact ANZNAB, Westpac, CommBank or Macquarie directly about their energy efficient finance programs.