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Social and economic infrastructure to get clean energy boost

Decarbonisation as an investment strategy

Leading alternative asset manager Morrison & Co will spearhead clean energy standards across Australian social and economic infrastructure assets, as part of its specialist $1 billion green infrastructure fund.


CEFC commitment


energy efficiency


green infrastructure fund

With our fundamental belief in decarbonisation as an investment strategy, we see the CEFC as an ideal partner for this fund. Morrison & Co has been investing in renewable energy for over 20 years and we are convinced that applying the decarbonisation and energy efficiency lens to a broader set of infrastructure assets will generate better long-term investment outcomes. We are excited to be working with the CEFC to lead the infrastructure sector in this new direction.
Paul Newfield
Head of Australia and NZ, Morrison & Co

Our investment

The CEFC is investing $150 million in the Morrison & Co Growth Infrastructure Fund, which will acquire and manage a range of essential assets where there is potential for significant improvements in their energy efficiency profile. These essential assets range from hospitals to data centres, retirement and aged care accommodation, student housing and renewable energy.

Morrison & Co focuses on decarbonisation as a key investment strategy and, through its new fund, will apply its decarbonisation and energy efficiency lens to a broader set of infrastructure assets to generate better long-term investment outcomes.

our impact 

The implementation of ambitious energy and emissions goals across the fund’s portfolio will include the adoption of a wide range of benchmarking tools. 

The fund will look to progressively introduce internationally recognised science-based targets, and draw on relevant Australian-based sustainability standards to set best-practice sustainability goals, including those of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia, the National Australian Built Environment Rating System and the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme.

Methodologies such as ratings for economic infrastructure and renewable energy assets, as well as for buildings, will be used to set best-practice sustainability goals.

Last updated 26 July 2018. National, Sustainable Cities, Infrastructure, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency