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Asset finance

The CEFC has a strong focus on driving investment in smaller-scale clean energy projects

– and we’re working with some of the nation’s key financial institutions to help extend our finance across Australia.

Through our programs with banks, specialised lenders and funds, we are delivering the benefits of clean energy to energy users, whether on the farm, in households, on the road or in a factory.

Eligible projects range from small-scale rooftop solar and battery storage, to energy efficient manufacturing and farm equipment, as well as improved building insulation, heating and cooling, demand management systems and low emissions or electric light vehicles. The finance incentivises borrowers to preference best in class clean energy assets when considering new equipment purchases, property fit outs and vehicles. The finance can cover up to 100 per cent of the cost of equipment, with projects typically valued at up to $5 million.

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Clean energy and asset finance

The CEFC is helping Australian businesses, manufacturers, commercial property owners and the farming sector take advantage of the latest clean energy technologies to accelerate their transition to a low emissions, sustainable future.

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Current programs

Our current open programs with banks and financiers are summarised below. If you’d like more information or to access this finance, please contact the financiers directly or visit the relevant website.



Small business finance

Consumer finance

Energy efficient technologies

Renewable energy technologies

Low emission vehicles

ANZ Energy Efficient Asset Finance program






Bank of Queensland Energy Efficient Equipment Finance






Eclipx Group






Firstmac Clean Green Car Loan






Firstmac Green Home Loan






Metro Green by Metro Finance




Plenti Green Loan


Plenti South Australia's Home Battery Scheme





Where to act

Change your energy use

Rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems

Solar hot water and heat pumps

Demand management systems

Embedded electricity networks

Battery storage

Bioenergy and biofuels


Cut your energy use

Variable speed drives

Lighting, heating, ventilation
and air-conditioning (HVAC)

Industrial and commercial refrigeration

Water efficiency and irrigation

Building management systems

Energy efficient plant and equipment


Lower your emissions

Low emissions and electric vehicles

Electricity generation


Waste management

Waste utilisation



Refrigerated food transport keeps it cool

A refrigerated food transport business in regional Victoria is keeping its cool with a new energy efficient onsite refrigeration system.

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