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About us

The CEFC has a unique role to increase investment in Australia’s transition to lower emissions. We invest to lead the market, operating with commercial rigour to address some of Australia’s toughest emissions challenges - in agriculture, energy generation and storage, infrastructure, property, transport and waste. We’re also proud to back Australia’s cleantech entrepreneurs through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund. In investing $10 billion on behalf of the Australian Government, we work to deliver a positive return for taxpayers across our portfolio.

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Our leadership

The CEFC catalyses private sector investment in the nation’s clean energy sector. We are governed by an independent Board that provides prudent oversight and governance of investment decisions and risk management. The CEO and Executive Team manage day-to-day investment and portfolio matters. The Board reports to the Australian Parliament through our responsible ministers. The CEFC is known as a corporate Commonwealth entity. 

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How we operate

The CEFC is a statutory authority established by the Australian Government under the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act 2012 (CEFC Act). The CEFC Act creates the CEFC Special Account, and provides the CEFC Board with statutory responsibility for decision-making and managing the CEFC's investments. The Board operates and makes its investment decisions independently of government, based on rigorous commercial assessments.

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Join us

At the CEFC, we’re playing a leading role in Australia’s clean energy transition, catalysing investment that reduces emissions, while looking to increase the impact of our activities across all areas of our economy. Our values embrace the attributes that drive our people and define the way we work.  The influence we have begins with exceptional people. By joining us, you'll grow your career in a dynamic, stimulating and collaborative environment. Learn about our career opportunities.