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Impact and strategy

CEFC finance is helping cut emissions across Australia

– in agriculture, cleantech innovation, energy generation and storage, infrastructure, property, transport and waste.

Our strategy

Our strategy supports the delivery of Australian Government emissions reduction priorities.

In catalysing investment in clean energy opportunities across the economy, we focus on enabling technologies that will contribute to the reliability and security of the electricity system. We also focus on new and emerging technologies that can support lower emissions and increased productivity.

Together with the private sector, we are investing to address the main sources of carbon emissions, including: 

  1. Low carbon electricity: Through the increased deployment of clean energy technologies, including storage and energy infrastructure, as well as technologies such as hydrogen that can deliver clean, reliable and secure energy.
  2. Electrification and fuel switching: Switching from fossil fuels to lower emissions alternatives in infrastructure and transport, including electrifying industrial processes, adopting electric vehicles and switching to lower emissions fuel sources such as biofuels.
  3. Ambitious energy efficiency: Delivered Australia-wide, to substantially lower energy intensity and improve energy productivity in line with the 40 per cent target in the National Energy Productivity Plan.
  4. Bio-sequestration and non-energy emissions reduction: Including through recycling and reducing the volume of waste going to landfill along with adopting lower emissions practices across the economy.

At a glance

  • CEFC lifetime commitments of $8.8 billion, helping drive more than $30.8 billion in investment commitments to clean energy initiatives across the economy
  • An estimated 3.5 GW in renewable energy generation financed Australia-wide
  • More than 200 large-scale investment commitments, attracting almost $2.50 in private sector finance for each $1 of CEFC finance committed
  • Finance for an estimated 20,000 smaller-scale projects, through tailored low cost asset finance programs in agriculture, manufacturing, property and transport
  • Capital deployment of $7 billion, with $1.5 billion in CEFC capital repaid and available for reinvestment
  • Portfolio of investment commitments of $6.5 billion (after allowing for revocable commitments, repayments and amortisation on lifetime CEFC commitments).

All figures to 31 December 2020


2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2.2b 3.2b 3.5b 5.7b 11.0b 19.0b 24.0b 27.8b


CEFC Investment update

We made new investment commitments of just over $1 billion across 23 clean energy investments in the year to 30 June 2020. Find out more in this investment update from CEO Ian Learmonth.