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How we operate

The CEFC is at the vanguard of Australia’s clean energy transition, leading economy-wide investment as part of

our national ambition to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

As a specialist investor our role is to fill market gaps and collaborate with investors, innovators and industry leaders to spur substantial investment where it will have the greatest impact. This requires deep sector experience, investment expertise and portfolio strength. 

In operating within the parameters of the CEFC Act and Investment Mandate directions, we anticipate and respond to the environment and market conditions in which we operate. This means retreating where the private sector is operating effectively, and stepping up our investment activity to fill market gaps where the private sector is absent. 

We also play an important role in supporting the energy system transition, working with governments, industry, regulators, project sponsors, businesses and private sector financiers to provide the finance required. 


The CEFC Act establishes the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, sets out the organisation’s purpose and functions and establishes arrangements for the Board, CEO and staff.

Investment Mandate Direction

Australian Government Investment Mandate directions to the CEFC Board provide instruction as to policies to be pursued by the CEFC in performing its investment function.

Board Charters

The CEFC Board adopts private sector principles of good corporate governance in providing oversight and direction to the Executive.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics outlines the principles which guide the way we make decisions, whether as a board member, executive, employee or contractor. 

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