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Cleanaway steps up sustainable waste management focus

Managing waste key
to a cleaner future

Australian waste management company Cleanaway Waste Management Ltd is accelerating its best practice sustainable waste management activities with an array of projects aimed at reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.


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CEFC finance

It is critical that we reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and better manage landfill emissions. Cleanaway's position as the largest waste management and industrial services company in Australia means it can lead the waste sector in demonstrating the benefits of best practice clean energy operations in reducing emissions.
Mac Irvine
Bioenergy lead, CEFC

Our investment

Cleanaway is financing a program of activities to cut emissions, drawing on a $90 million corporate loan from the CEFC.

our impact

The CEFC is working with Cleanaway, Australia’s largest waste management company, to demonstrate how clean energy technologies can be used to tackle the problem of waste emissions and play a vital role in Australia's clean energy transition

The finance is supporting a range of projects, including:

  • A best-in-class resource recovery centre at Erskine Park in NSW. At peak capacity, the Erskine Park facility will be able to process approximately 150,000 tonnes a year, diverting about 40 per cent of that waste volume from landfill
  • An automated recycling sorting line at Eastern Creek, which is capable of sorting, baling, and distributing up to eight tonnes per hour of extremely high-quality recyclables collected through the NSW Container Deposit Scheme
  • Facilities for organics processing and resource recovery, as well as landfill gas projects
  • Initiatives to educate Australians about how we can improve recycling levels and reduce landfill waste and emissions. This includes the Greenius online education platform and research into Australia’s changing attitudes and behaviours around recycling.

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Last updated October 2020. Victoria, National, Waste/bioenergy, Low emissions, Renewable energy
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