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Green makeover for lifestyle villages and holiday parks

Cleaner, greener lifestyle villages and holiday parks

Property developer Ingenia Communities is upgrading its portfolio of new and existing lifestyle villages and holiday parks with market-leading sustainability measures to lower carbon emissions and reduce electricity costs.


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lifestyle villages, holiday parks

As our portfolio and business matures we want to be at the forefront of developing more sustainable communities, providing our residents with affordable homes, lower energy costs and liveable communities that will enhance their quality of life.
Simon Owen
CEO, Ingenia Communities Group

Our investment

The CEFC has invested $75 million as a corporate loan to Ingenia Communities to encourage greater uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy across the property sector.

our impact

Ingenia has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 30 per cent in the next five years as it targets a carbon neutral operation by 2035. The Ingenia development pipeline of more than 3,000 homes provides an opportunity to innovate in terms of sustainable community and home design.

Ingenia will pilot the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star Homes Standard across 30 new homes, providing healthy, resilient and energy efficient living options for senior Australians. The new standard will assess Australian homes against a series of sustainability measures, including carbon footprint, energy and water efficiency, ventilation, comfort and climate change resilience.

Ingenia is also investigating a range of sustainability measures to existing properties, including:

  • Rooftop solar on existing homes and clubhouses
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Enhanced hot water and air-conditioning systems
  • Clean energy supply agreements.

Cleaner and greener homes produce fewer emissions and cost less to heat and cool. This in turn helps Australia make significant advances in decarbonisation.

According to the Property Council of Australia, buildings account for more than half of Australia’s electricity consumption, and almost a quarter of national emissions.

Last updated February 2021. National, Property, Energy efficiency
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