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JET Charge making EV charging smarter, cheaper and more user friendly

JET Charge
Innovation Fund
Energy efficiency

JET Charge making EV charging smarter, cheaper and more user friendly

JET Charge, Australia’s leading specialist in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, is developing smart charging hardware that will reduce the cost of smart and connected charging stations and make them more user friendly.


JET Charge is deploying its proprietary smart charging technology under a services-based model that will ensure that EV charging occurs when the electricity grid can best support it. The technology also has the potential to match EV charging to times when renewable power penetration into the grid is at its highest.

In conjunction with our globally leading energy management systems, our goal is to facilitate compatible EVs in becoming an asset for the grid, with the future capacity to discharge electricity to homes, buildings and the wider grid when demand is high, and financially reward EV drivers for doing so.
JET Charge
Co-founder and CEO, Tim Washington

JET Charge is leading a generational change in the automotive landscape in Australia and working to become a global leader in charging infrastructure integration, demonstrating how EV charging needs can be balanced with renewables, stationary storage and an ever-changing electricity grid.

The CEFC committed an equity investment of $3.5 million, through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund, as part of the company’s capital raising round, of $4.5 million, which also drew co-investment from industry executives and private investors.

With more Australians putting solar PV on our rooftops and with an increasingly cleaner electricity system, we can power our electric vehicles with clean energy made even more efficient with smart charging infrastructure such as that created by JET Charge.
Ian Learmonth

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