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Landmark CEFC RTN investment for cleaner grid

CEFC capital backs NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap

The first CEFC Rewiring the Nation investment is a $100 million commitment to the NSW Scheme Financial Vehicle to support delivery of clean energy projects via the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap.


CEFC commitment


RTN Fund investment

Delivering NSW

clean energy projects

Rebuilding our energy system is a large and complex task, with infrastructure projects requiring considerable capital, expertise and time to bring online. As a specialist financier, we are able to use our capital to support investment flows through to project delivery and revenue generation, providing confidence to the market and private sector investors.
Ian Learmonth

Our investment

The first CEFC investment through the $19 billion Rewiring the Nation (RTN) Fund is a $100 million commitment towards the delivery of clean energy projects via the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap. 

The CEFC finance to the NSW Scheme Financial Vehicle (SFV) will support cashflow as infrastructure projects in the NSW Roadmap are advanced. The SFV works closely with: 

  • Australian Energy Market Operator Services Ltd which is responsible for planning, assessing and guiding long-term investment in renewable energy  
  • EnergyCo which serves as the infrastructure planner for NSW Renewable Energy Zone developments, the Waratah Super Battery Project in which the CEFC has invested, and the Hunter Transmission Project. 

Through the RTN Fund, the CEFC will help spearhead investment in a range of essential projects, including transmission, infrastructure, long-duration storage, electricity distribution network infrastructure and distributed energy resources. 

our impact

Delivering additional clean energy for NSW 

The NSW Roadmap is a long-term policy framework to co-ordinate investment in generation, storage and firming infrastructure. Through the delivery of whole-of-system benefits, it aims to transform the NSW energy system to make it cheaper, cleaner and more reliable.  

The NSW Government estimates that by 2030 the Roadmap will have supported the delivery of at least 12 GW of additional renewable energy generation and 2 GW of new long-duration storage capacity.   

The NSW Roadmap is expected to attract up to $32 billion in private investment for regional energy infrastructure and reduce NSW electricity emissions by 90 million tonnes by 2030.* 

CEFC Rewiring the Nation Fund 

The Australian Government has appointed the CEFC as the financing arm of the broader RTN program, allocating an additional $19 billion to the CEFC to finance RTN-related projects.  

CEFC RTN investment priorities include transmission (including Integrated System Plan projects), distribution network (including distributed energy resources) and long duration storage Australia-wide.  

Other opportunities may include projects which reduce emissions and support or strengthen the security, reliability and affordability of Australia’s electricity grids, including demand management projects.  

The CEFC has made lifetime commitments of more than $580 million to transmission-related projects, including EnergyConnect and the Southern Downs Renewable Energy Zone and with the private sector, financed more than 5 GW of renewable energy generation. The CEFC has also backed the development of four large-scale batteries, including the Victorian Big Battery, the expansion of the Hornsdale Power Reserve in South Australia, the Capital Battery in the ACT and the Waratah Super Battery in NSW.  

Find out more about the RTN Fund


*EnergyCo Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap


Last updated October 2023. New South Wales, Energy grid, Low emissions, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency
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