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Novalith Technologies makes lithium production greener

Unlocking new opportunities and decarbonising the lithium supply chain

Novalith Technologies is developing a better low-carbon way to extract lithium, aimed at accelerating the world’s transition towards an electric future.


CEFC commitment


lithium production


reduction in process costs

Our technology has the potential to significantly decarbonise the lithium supply chain as well as unlock new lithium ore reserves and opportunities, providing low cost and environmentally sustainable lithium to a world that is rapidly racing towards an electric future.
Steven Vassiloudis
Founder and CEO, Novalith

Our investment

The CEFC has committed a total of $7.8 million to Novalith Technologies through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund, which is managed by Virescent Ventures.

Our investment, across seed funding and Novalith’s successful Series A funding round, is supporting the business to scale up and commercialise its patented LiCAL™ Technology.


By investing in innovative Australian companies like Novalith, the CEFC is backing the development of a sustainable potential on-shore solution for lithium production and helping to strengthen the sustainability of the supply chain in Australia.”
Kristin Vaughan
Managing Partner, Virescent Ventures


our impact

The lithium supply challenge

Global demand for lithium ion batteries is expected to soar from 700 GWh required in 2022 to some 4.7 TWh in 2030, according to research by McKinsey & Company.

Australia is well positioned to take advantage of this demand, with significant rock-based resources that can typically produce high quality battery grade lithium product.

A low-carbon cost-effective process

Conventional rock-based lithium extraction requires large amounts of chemicals including sulfuric acid and produces large amounts of waste.

Novalith estimates its technology cuts process costs by up to 65 per cent, cuts plant costs by 50 per cent and reduces plant carbon footprints by 25 per cent when compared with conventional processes.

Novalith technology uses carbonated water in a process that results in high recoveries of battery grade lithium with an inert carbon-infused rock as a by-product. The technology allows faster access to lithium to help meet rapid electrification ambitions.

Last updated April 2023. New South Wales, Climate tech, Resources, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency
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