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Technology firsts for Collector Wind Farm in NSW

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New South Wales
Renewable energy

Powering homes with innovative wind technology

The Collector Wind Farm in NSW, being developed by RATCH-Australia, is one of the first in Australia to use the 4.2MW V117 Vestas turbines.  

In addition, Vestas is using innovative drone and 3D imaging technology to deliver routine blade maintenance and data collection.

wind turbines
energy annually
CO2-e lifetime abatement

The Collector Wind Farm is located along the Cullerin Range south-west of Goulburn in the NSW Southern Tablelands, which has some of the windiest conditions in NSW.

With 54 wind turbines, the project is expected to generate 528GWh of energy annually, enough to meet the needs of around 80,000 average homes.

Financing the bigger picture

The CEFC has committed $180 million to the development as sole debt financier to support the accelerated delivery of the innovative $360 million project.

The CEFC finance was committed prior to the project securing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Finance for fully merchant projects unlocks further wind sector opportunities and builds confidence in their longer-term commercial potential.

RATCH-Australia is very glad to have the CEFC investing alongside us in this project. The CEFC is one of Australia’s most active investors in renewable energy and this experience really shows in their approach to new projects. Their accumulated experience really helps progress and de-risk the whole industry, and ultimately this benefits everyone.
Anthony Yeates

A RATCH-Australia Community Enhancement Fund will invest $240,000 into local projects each year over the 30-year life of the project. The funds will be invested into the region via a pair of community trusts that have been structured with significant involvement of the local community.


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