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Powering towards our net zero economy

The CEFC is helping finance our renewable energy system of the future via the Rewiring the Nation Fund

Through the Rewiring the Nation Fund the CEFC is charged with investing $19 billion on behalf of the Australian Government in a range of projects essential to the achievement of our net zero emissions ambitions.

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Powering towards our net zero economy

May 2024

Powering towards our net zero economy provides insights into the operation of the RTN Fund and the role of the CEFC in addressing the financing barriers to Australia’s clean energy transition.

Powering towards our net zero economy

Our investment

Through the $19 billion RTN Fund the CEFC is spearheading investment in transmission infrastructure, long-duration storage, electricity distribution network infrastructure and distributed energy resources.

RTN-related investments are expected to lower Australia’s emissions by enabling the transition of our energy system to one based on at least 82 per cent renewables.

Powering towards our net zero economy outlines projects that may be supported by the RTN Fund and provides details of RTN Fund oversight, the CEFC investment approach and the benefits of the RTN program.

We recognise that our grid and transmission infrastructure must be reinforced and strengthened so they can absorb increased output from our massive solar and wind resources, which are located in places that are optimised for their generation. It is this experience and sense of purpose that drives our approach to investment commitments via the RTN Fund.
Ian Learmonth and Paul McCartney
Last updated May 2024. Infrastructure, Investment Insights
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