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Plant powered: All G serves up delicious meals with plant proteins

Australian-made plant-based burgers and mince provide low carbon alternatives

New Australian company All G Foods is providing low carbon alternatives with its Australian-made plant-based burgers and mince. Bringing together industry experience and scientific know how, the All G products are hitting the market as Australians become increasingly aware of the health and environmental benefits of plant-based protein.


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CEFC investment


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We have put together a science and technology team that is the best Australia and the world has to offer to ensure consumers get what they really want: a delicious, low-carbon and inclusive alternative to animal protein. We know our science combined with delicious recipes will change the trajectory of the alternative protein movement in Australia and around the world.
Jan Pacas
Founder and CEO, All G Foods

Our investment

The CEFC has invested $5 million in All G Foods through the specialist Clean Energy Innovation Fund. The investment, alongside several prominent angel investors, is supporting the growth of the exciting sustainable food production industry.

our impact

All G’s first product – Love BUDS™ Burgers – will complement an extensive range of additional alternative protein products already under development, including plant-based mince and sausages, as well as chicken and bacon alternatives.  

Growing awareness about the health and environmental impacts of meat consumption has led one in three Australians to introduce meat alternatives into their diet. At the same time, growing appetite for animal proteins from an increasingly affluent global population is putting further resource demands on agriculture. 

The All G Foods science and technology team is working closely with University of Sydney researchers led by Centre of Advanced Food Engineering Professor Roman Buckow, an internationally renowned food engineer and alternative-protein expert.  

All G Foods’ Chief Technology Officer for Dairy, Dr Jared Raynes, is leading the development of alternative dairy proteins through precision fermentation to be included in a non-dairy milk that replicates the structure, taste and nutritional elements of cow’s milk.   

The Australian market for alternative protein sources is expected to reach $4.1 billion by 2030, with a potential export market reach of $2.5 billion.  

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Last updated 6 September 2021. National, Innovation Fund, Low emissions