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Renewable Energy - Bioenergy

Bioenergy has a unique role to play in lowering emissions

– in creating renewable electricity, gas, heat or liquid biofuels.

It also offers important waste management solutions, with new and proven technologies able to produce energy from waste, reduce landfill volumes and cut emissions. We have invested in several market-leading bioenergy projects and are working with industry to help increase market understanding about the potential uses and benefits of bioenergy.

Effective waste management can deliver positive renewable energy outcomes as well as the diversion of waste from landfill, which is also critical to reducing emissions and creating usable by-products such as compost. The CEFC supports the “reduce, reuse, recycle” recommendations of the international waste hierarchy and focuses on projects that seek to make a material reduction to Australia’s waste-related emissions.

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Organic waste and the path to net zero emissions

June 2022

How can Australia turn household food and garden waste into an opportunity to push towards our target of net zero emissions by 2050? The CEFC is helping municipal councils use proven technology and harness the principles of a circular economy to recover valuable resources while avoiding landfill emissions.  

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Make it happen - Australia’s bioenergy transformation

Bioenergy is a critical part of Australia’s energy mix offering substantial benefits as an alternative fuel source. The CEFC has invested in several market-leading bioenergy projects, working alongside industry to build market understanding about the potential uses and benefits of bioenergy.

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Energising resource recovery

Energising resource recovery: billion dollar investment potential

Australia’s recycling and resource recovery sector is undergoing considerable change. With this change comes opportunity – measured in economic, employment and emissions benefits. As explored in this report, the resource and energy recovery sectors could drive as much as $7.8 billion in new investment in Australia over the next few years.

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Biofuels and Transport

Biofuels and Transport: An Australian opportunity

Australia’s existing experience in agriculture, forestry and engineering provides a solid foundation on which to build a thriving biofuels industry. And our heavy reliance on air travel, long-distance road freight and rail and marine freight, provide the potential demand for these lower emissions biofuels.   

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Avertas Energy takes shape near Perth

Avertas Energy, Australia’s first large-scale energy from waste (EfW) plant, is being built at Kwinana in Western Australia.

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