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CEFC investments in large-scale wind projects have tracked

remarkable levels of innovation and change in the sector.

We are now working on hybrid projects that bring together wind, solar and energy storage, as well as projects that are seeking new style off-take agreements with large corporates. These developments are driving considerable infrastructure investment in regional areas, creating long-term energy assets that capitalise on Australia’s natural wind resources.

Wind energy opportunities are demonstrating increasing market maturity, but there are still factors that limit investor appetite. Our experience in the market gives us the ability to work alongside global and Australian investors to address these challenges with tailored finance solutions designed to help accelerate Australia’s transition to a low carbon economy.


Accelerating clean energy investment: Collector Wind Farm

The Collector Wind Farm in New South Wales began generating to the grid in late 2020 and was one of the first in Australia to use the 4.2 MW V117 Vestas turbines. In addition, Vestas uses innovative drone and 3D imaging technology to deliver routine blade maintenance and data collection for the wind farm.

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