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CEFC Large Scale Solar

Large-scale solar and the race to net zero emissions

Powering a greener grid

Australia requires significant new investment to support a substantial uplift in renewable energy generation and storage. That is why the CEFC is investing in large-scale renewable energy developments, alongside critical grid transmission projects, landmark battery storage and innovative new technologies. 

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Large-scale solar and the race to net zero emissions

April 2023

The Australian energy system is undergoing a generational change full of potential, and challenges.

The CEFC has played a major role in the development of the large-scale solar sector, crowding in substantial private sector investment and supporting the entry of new developers, contractors, and suppliers to the Australian market.

This Investment Insight highlights some of the key market developments experienced in our first decade as a large-scale solar investor. The Insight also outlines where we can play an increasingly important role in capturing the competitive advantage of Australia’s solar resource.

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Our investment

In its first decade of investment the CEFC made $1.8 billion in commitments to large-scale solar projects, unlocking 2.9 GW of large-scale solar generation across 34 projects. 

We are continuing to invest strategically to support the further development of the solar industry, enabling further introduction of experienced developers into the Australian market and the creation of generation situated in areas of transmission strength, that supports major load centres. 

Combining investment and innovation, we need to carve out a future that uses our vast natural, renewable resources to our advantage to drive emissions reduction and help combat the impact of climate change.
Monique Miller
CEFC Chief Investment Officer, Renewables and Sustainable Finance
Last updated April 2023. Solar, Investment Insights
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