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Large-scale solar has been growing rapidly in Australia since the first large solar farm began generating in 2015.  There is more than 275 MW of capacity in the National Electricity Market across seven large solar farms, with nearly 7,000 MW of new projects proposed.  Australia has the highest average solar radiation per square metre of any continent in the world, with viable resources in every state and territory.

Solar costs have declined dramatically and are continuing to fall as new plants are deployed.  Solar PV technology is well understood.  Large-scale solar PV costs are on track to be competitive with other technologies without additional support.

The CEFC has made substantial commitments to accelerate the development of several large-scale solar projects, and to take advantage of Australia's natural advantage in solar. Read more about our large-scale solar program, and our commitment to support the accelerate development of large-scale pumped hydro storage.

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