Where we invest



Australia can reduce transport-related emissions by using proven technologies across multiple areas. It’s about:

  • Accelerating the uptake of lower emissions and electric vehicles
  • Switching from road to rail
  • Replacing diesel and petrol fuel with electricity generated by biofuels and renewables

Our Clean Energy Snapshot predicts that electric vehicles could represent 90 percent of all cars and light commercial vehicles on Australian roads by 2050.

With transport producing nearly 100 million tonnes of emissions each year – or 19 per cent of national greenhouse gas emissions – the CEFC is financing a range of measures to tackle emissions.

This includes discounted finance options for individual and fleet buyers: read more about our asset finance options.  

Our finance for major infrastructure and agriculture projects also directly targets fuel emissions. And through the Clean Energy Innovation Fund, we are financing start-up companies targeting the EV market. 


Electric vehicle CEFC is providing discounted finance to businesses and consumers choosing electric vehicles and low emissions vehicles. A range of flexible finance options are available through major banks, specialist and fleet vehicles financiers. Learn more.
Relectrify Relectrify is developing and commercialising technology that focuses on providing an affordable, sustainable energy storage alternative by repurposing used batteries in electric vehicles for extended use, including in behind-the-meter household energy storage.
SEA Range SEA Electric is a Victorian-based manufacturer ramping up the conversion of medium-duty trucks and commercial vans to electric vehicles, drawing on CEFC finance.
MIRA The CEFC is targeting clean energy benefits in the Australian agricultural industry with a $100 million investment into the agricultural platform of Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA). This includes lower emissions on-farm equipment and vehicles. Learn more.
QUBE CEFC has committed $150M to freight and logistics company Qube Holdings Limited to develop the Moorebank Logistics Park to take emissions-intensive trucks off Australian roads by increasing the use of rail networks, providing an estimated annual abatement of more than 110,000 tCO₂-e in transport-related emissions.