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  • Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Australia 2019

    27 August 2019
    The Climate Bonds Initiative’s Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Australia 2019 identifies a national pipeline of over 400 green infrastructure projects with investment potential The report backs new long-term partnerships between banks, superannuation funds, corporations and governments to address rising emissions, urban congestion and sustainability pressures.
  • CEFC Investment Update: FY19

    30 July 2019
    The CEFC made new investment commitments of almost $1.5 billion in the 12 months to 30 June 2019, across 30 projects with a total value of $6.3 billion. For the first time since we began investing, we deployed a record $1.3 billion into the clean energy sector in a single 12-month period. Over the same period, a record $320 million in CEFC finance was repaid. Read more in our FY19 Investment Update.
  • How much rooftop solar can be installed in Australia?

    12 June 2019
    In this new analysis by UTS Institute of Sustainable Futures, APVI and UNSW estimates Australia has the potential to install as much as 179GW of rooftop solar PV, or 22 times the current installed capacity. The analysis was developed for the CEFC and the Property Council of Australia.
  • Distributed energy in the property sector – unlocking the potential

    04 June 2019
    The CEFC and the Property Council of Australia engaged Seed Advisory to identify barriers to distributed energy in property – and to propose solutions to address them. The result is this report, developed to be a practical resource for policymakers, regulators and industry leaders.
  • Biogas opportunities for Australia

    25 March 2019
    Biogas is a renewable, reliable and local source of energy. The biogas industry provides an alternative route for waste treatment while contributing to the development of local economies. Find our more in this new report for Bioenergy Australia, developed by ENA Consulting with the support of the CEFC, ARENA, Energy Networks Australia and the International Energy Agency’s Bioenergy Task 37: Energy from Biogas.
  • Distributed energy in the property sector – today’s opportunities

    13 September 2018
    Distributed energy solutions can help reduce costs, lower exposure to volatile energy markets and drive down carbon emissions. This CEFC and Property Council of Australia guide aims to help property managers unlock benefits for their buildings.
  • Australian Manufacturing: Gas Efficiency Guide

    30 August 2018
    In a joint initiative, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Energy Efficiency Council and the Australian Industry Group have developed Australian Manufacturing: Gas Efficiency Guide, outlining practical and proven strategies to bring the benefits of clean energy to Australian manufacturers.
  • Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities Australia & New Zealand

    28 August 2018
    The Climate Bonds Initiative discusses a pipeline of potential infrastructure projects in Australia that can be financed through green bonds, tapping into growing interest in sustainable assets from superannuation funds and ‘green’ investors.
  • Webinar: Australia's Transition to Electric Vehicles

    23 August 2018
    The electric vehicle revolution is on its way. The only question is how soon. View the presentation from our recent webinar with Paul Dowling, CEFC, Dr Alina Dini, QUT, and Richard Lovell, CEFC, discussing the future of electric vehicles in Australia.
  • CEFC Investment Update: FY18

    30 July 2018
    The CEFC set new records in the number and value of investment commitments in 2017-18, delivering a heightened focus on some of the nation’s toughest emissions challenges through our support for innovative projects, technologies and investment partnerships. We maintained our role as a leading investor in Australia’s renewable energy sector and further extended our reach into emissions reduction activities in infrastructure, agriculture, property, transport and waste. In addition, our venture capital finance for innovative clean energy companies saw continued growth.
  • Clean Energy Snapshot: The Australian Electric Vehicle Market

    21 June 2018
    What drives EV uptake? It takes policy incentives that reduce the payback period for buyers; model availability that meets consumers’ needs, and charging infrastructure that ensures drivers can recharge away from home.
  • Australian Electric Vehicle Market Study: Full Report

    21 June 2018
    Read the comprehensive report prepared by Energeia, for the CEFC and ARENA
  • IFM Investors and the CEFC work together to cut carbon emissions in the infrastructure assets

    25 May 2018
    Infrastructure assets are central to our economic and social well-being. They are usually large, expensive and built for the long term. This scale means they are well placed to benefit from investments in clean energy, to lift energy efficiency, increase productivity and lower emissions.
  • CEFC and clean energy for agriculture

    21 February 2018
    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is targeting major clean energy benefits in Australian agriculture, committing $100 million to the agricultural platform of Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets.
  • New report identifies 50 measures to help property sector move towards net zero carbon buildings

    01 June 2017
    The property sector is being urged to take immediate steps to invest in clean energy technologies to unlock substantial energy savings, while also addressing a major source of carbon emissions in Australia. A new report from the CEFC and Norman Disney & Young identifies 50 best practice initiatives.
  • CEFC announces landmark agreement with Investa to push boundaries of energy efficiency

    01 December 2016
    The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and Investa Office Management (Investa) have joined forces to push the boundaries of energy efficiency in commercial property, reinforced by Investa’s market-leading commitment to Science Based Targets.
  • Energy from waste Australia: a state-by-state update

    14 November 2016
    CEFC research has identified several states as having policy settings and levies that support investment in energy from waste and bioenergy projects.
  • University sector clean energy opportunities

    19 October 2016
    Australian Universities are facing rapidly increasing energy costs when they could be reducing energy consumption with clean energy technologies.
  • Clean energy opportunities for local government

    16 June 2016
    Clean energy investments can lower costs and reduce emissions for local government, and help councils achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Financing energy efficient community housing

    09 February 2016
    A strong demand for new community housing will require as much as $15 billion of private sector investment over the next 10 years.
  • The Australian bioenergy and energy from waste market: closing the gap

    12 November 2015
    Australia has the potential to double its bioenergy output over the next five years, lowering carbon emissions and providing an important energy from waste option for business and local government.