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CEFC helps energy savings grow

Article from Leaflet Magazine (Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland), October 2015 

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) is making it easier for the nursery and garden industry go even greener by taking advantage of energy savings that can be gained through equipment installation and upgrades.

CEFC CEO Oliver Yates said depending on the equipment installed, businesses making savings on their energy bills could also reap the benefits of reduced water use, reduced maintenance costs, increased production capacity and better work environments.

"Investment now in energy efficiency and solar PV can have long-term benefits for businesses seeking to remain competitive," he said.

The CEFC has financed a number of agribusinesses and producers including:

  • A fruit supplier which cut its energy bills by a quarter, through the installation of solar PV and a new energy efficient fruit grader.
  • Richgro garden products to build a biogas plant that turns organic waste into gas that is used for all Richgro's onsite energy needs. The heat from the plant is used in industrial sized hot-houses growing large blueberries.
  • A vegetable grower which is expanding its business by installing energy efficient lighting, solar and new coolrooms that double storage capacity.

The CEFC has developed financing programs available through various banks through designed to suit the needs of specific businesses. These include:

  • The Energy Efficient Loan program through Commonwealth Bank which provides loans for energy saving technologies including energy efficient lighting, industrial refrigeration, heat exchangers, efficient motors pumps and fans, solar systems and battery storage, compressed air and variable speed drives and onsite energy generation for projects up to $5 million.
  • The Energy Efficient Bonus program through NAB, which offers loans to agribusiness to upgrade vehicles, improve manufacturing and equipment, install motors, pumps and other efficient irrigation equipment, increase solar use, install waste-to-energy technologies.
  • CEFC and Firstmac - business and personal asset finance leases and loans for energy efficient equipment and low-emissions and electric vehicles.

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