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The Australian bioenergy and energy from waste market has considerable potential. In our Australian bioenergy and energy from waste market report, we estimate a bioenergy investment opportunity of up to $5 billion by 2020, potentially doubling the current level of installed capacity.

 Australia's current installed bioenergy generation capacity significantly lags the OECD average, and delivering on this market potential will leverage Australian strengths in R&D, agriculture, water and land, and provide significant rural and regional jobs, firm renewable electricity, renewable heat and gas and biofuels.

In our state-by-state update, we highlight supportive regulatory environments for energy from waste in several states.

Our bioenergy and waste investments to date include:

  • $90 million to Australian waste management company Cleanaway for a range of projects to accelerate moves away from traditional landfill solutions with technologies and practices that will help achieve better environmental, social and economic outcomes
  • $30 million to leading resource recovery company ResourceCo to transform selected non-recyclable waste streams into Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF). 
  • $100 million towards the  Australian Bioenergy Fund, to invest in bioenergy and energy from waste projects
  • A $10 million commitment to Landfill Gas Industries to expand bioenergy at landfill sites in Central and Southern Queensland
  • Finance to enable major Australian garden products supplier Richgro to harness ground-breaking waste-to-energy technology to meet all its power needs by recycling organic waste
  • An investment with JBS Australia, the country's largest meat processor and exporter, to capture and use biogas at its Dinmore, Queensland facility to reduce dependence on grid-connected natural gas by about 50 per cent



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