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There are compelling reasons to improve the energy profile of Australia’s built environment

– energy efficient buildings using proven clean energy technologies reduce stress on the electricity network, lower electricity consumption and cut our national emissions.

Our property-related investment commitments include ‘demonstration’ projects with the ability to deliver best-in-class performance around energy efficiency, along with the effective integration of renewable energy into new and existing buildings. We are financing projects that extend the benefits of clean energy across the commercial, industrial and residential property sectors. Each of these properties has its own energy demands, requiring an approach that identifies and harnesses the available opportunities.

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Clean energy and B and C grade office buildings

How can cost effective clean energy technologies help rejuvenate existing B and C grade office buildings, turning them into high performance, energy efficient commercial office spaces?

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Investing in a better built environment

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Clean energy and commercial property

How can clean energy technologies make a difference in office developments in Australia’s property sector? This report provides practical insights, drawing on the work of the CEFC and Quintessential Equity, in the clean energy transformation of Geelong’s iconic 1 Malop St office development.   

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Clean energy and healthcare

How can Australia’s healthcare sector lower emissions while delivering the world class health services our community needs? The CEFC and leading property owner, manager and developer Dexus are working together to identify and implement practical solutions.

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Clean energy and Australia’s retail property sector

How can Australia’s retail property sector tap into clean energy to become more sustainable? This report gives some practical insights, drawing on the work of the CEFC and the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC).

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