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Clean energy and B and C grade office buildings

G High Income Sustainable Office Trust 

Improving building energy efficiency performance is widely regarded as one of the most cost-effective ways of delivering reductions in carbon emissions and lowering energy use. At the same time, improvements can potentially increase the value of building assets, attract better tenant covenants, deliver operational savings and reduce the risk of future obsolescence. 

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Clean energy and B and C grade office buildings

December 2020

How can cost effective clean energy technologies help rejuvenate existing B and C grade office buildings, turning them into high performance, energy efficient commercial office spaces? 

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EG is using active asset management strategies to target commercial investment returns in conjunction with improved energy efficiency across four assets within the HISOT portfolio. Emissions reduction technologies range from optimising heating, ventilation and cooling systems to thermal sub-metering and sophisticated building management systems.  

According to the Green Building Council of Australia, about 80 per cent of the net lettable area of Australia’s commercial building stock is in mid-tier or B and C grade buildings. These buildings generally less energy efficient than new premium or A grade properties. 

Energy efficient buildings using proven clean energy technologies reduce stress on the electricity network, lower electricity consumption and support a least-cost pathway to lower emissions, improving health and resilience outcomes for households and businesses.
Last updated December 2020. Property, Investment Insights
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