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FarmPrint brings practical approach to sustainable agriculture

Unique collaboration helps farmers evaluate their on-farm carbon footprint

With agriculture accounting for some 13 per cent of national carbon emissions, it is clear the sector can make an important contribution to Australia’s transition to a low carbon economy. FarmPrint was developed by the CSIRO, MIRA and the CEFC to demonstrate the potential for data, science and technology to improve agricultural sustainability and reduce emissions on Australian farms. 

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FarmPrint brings practical approach to sustainable agriculture

August 2020

FarmPrint is a unique tool designed to enable Australian farmers to monitor, benchmark and evaluate their on-farm carbon footprint, an important step in identifying actions that can lift the sustainability of their farming operations, improving their own FarmPrint. 

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Our investment

MIRA is using its broad portfolio of agricultural assets to pilot FarmPrint and prove up new farming technologies and production processes, paving the way for broader adoption.  

FarmPrint is a web-based tool that allows farmers to input operational information about their farm to calculate the intensity of their emissions footprint. Activity data is entered for each crop grown in the reporting year, with the corresponding benchmarking values automatically populated. The data is translated into direct and indirect emissions impacts, supporting better informed decision making.  

Australian agriculture will increasingly need to provide solid data on the emissions output per unit of production, to meet consumer demand for sustainable products and investor requirements for substantiated evidence of on-farm sustainability, including quantitative metrics. FarmPrint can make an exciting contribution to these activities.
Last updated August 2020. Natural capital, Transport, Investment Insights
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